19 November 2010

Is it really over?

It has been just 24 hours since the group dispersed. I'm sitting in a cafe eating delicious food, sipping a delicious iced coffee, and reading a delicious book. These are all things I was looking forward to the past few weeks but now that they have arrived, all I can think about is that night in Laos when we all slept on the hard floor with no blankets or pillows. Or that day when all 18 of us finished a massive 80km cycle in Cambodia. Or when Simon and Dani "sorted out" that chicken. Or Madonna yelling "Woohoo!" The list goes on and on.

No doubt every group - over time - becomes extremely close and extremely connected. The only difference this time is that it was my group; the one I was a part of.

We finished the adventure with a cyclo race through the streets of Hanoi and there are already about 11 reunions planned over the next few months. I can honestly say I have made some life-long friends. It's just a shame the trip had to end...

I guess it means we will need to get prepped for our next Inspired Adventure!!!

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