08 November 2010


"I'm not stopping now." Fiona announced. We had a 6am start to beat the heat but a few snafus - bus connections, tickets, and folks getting lost - meant our cycling didn't get going until just after 9. The group was a bit disjointed and we decided a solid cheer - Go Team! - was just what we needed to change course and get back on track.

Somehow during our 20k warm up before the 10k sprint race we lost 2 participants. They had missed a turn and the safety crew at the back veered off with them. 10k later they realized they were on the wrong road, loaded up and rejoined us at the rest point.

After Sam and Madonna claimed the titles of queen and king of the bikes it was off the beaten path to continue our journey. This was post lunch and the heat was pounding down on us. The burn-off smoke left everything under a slight haze.

By now the team had split into a few different groups. I was hanging back with Fiona, Frank, and Jennifer. We stopped for water. I looked over at Jennifer and tears were streaming down her face. "I don't know if I can go on." A discussion pursued as to whether or not we should take a break. We were about 10 seconds away from hopping on the bus and emotions were running high.

"You know what I think," Fiona - a cancer survivor began. "I think this is nothing compared to chemotherapy. I reckon' we can do this," she exclaimed. "if Fiona is in I'm in, Jen said, now holding back a second round of tears. "Well then me too," added Frank. With that they saddled up and rode off.

75 kilometers later all three of them reached the end of the day's cycling, proud smiles in tow.

They did it for themselves. They did it for the team. They did it for Cure Cancer. Now that is one Inspired Adventure.

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Location:Taphul Rd,Siem Reap,Cambodia

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