28 October 2007

Dream. Believe. Achieve.

So big things are happening in Argentina. AMAZING things. Click it. Read It. Think about it. Argentina, a Catholic Latin American country just elected a woman to the country's highest post. Isn't it about time we join in?

The article is here.

16 October 2007

Man, My Generation Is Awesome

This article absolutely sums up exactly how I feel about the power of my generation, and how we're truly going to change the world. Couldn't have said it better myself!

Click here for the article.

12 October 2007

In The News!

Just wanted to share a little diddy written in the AU Alumni Update about the trip and next steps. I'm still in a flux state, which is why updates haven't been as frequent. More soon, I promise!


-Kyle Taylor

03 October 2007

The Only Road to Khayelitsha

A friend of mine spent a year in South Africa working with a group called Coconut Daughters on what looks to be a fascinating film about the life of an innocent girl living in a township. This is absolutely social change. Teaching, educating and exposing people to the challenges facing global society. Here is the trailer:

In case it doesn't imbed, the link:


01 October 2007

How Many World's Do You Need?

Just came across this amazing site that calculate how many Worlds you would need to sustain your lifestyle. Really interesting stuff! The whole "game" takes about 10 minutes, but it's definitely worth it. I need 2.8 Earths! How about you?