07 March 2011

In Bangkok!

After the first ten of 27 hours in transit I'm laid over in Bangkok! It's 2am and the airport is bustling! Onward to Nairobi in about an hour. 15 mins of free wifi. Woohoo!

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Location:Suk Thawon,Racha Thewa,Thailand

06 March 2011

To Africa!

At the airport now about to depart for Tanzania and Zanzibar! Im leading a group of 11 women on a charity challenge as they climb Mount Kilimanjaro after having raised $130,000 for Kids Helpline!

It is the worlds tallest freestanding mountain and the highest point in Africa. Most have described climbing it as harder that child birth. BRING IT ON! I'll try and update as much as possible but instant updates will be on the Inspired Adventures Twitter: @inspiredadvntrs

For now, it's a boost juice and mrs fields cookie. Yum!

Wish us luck!


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Location:Departure Plaza,Mascot,Australia