08 November 2010

Pass on the bracelet

Every evening we reward our bard work with an absolutely brilliant dinner. It is at dinner that we recount the day, with Saxon - the other social leader - and I handing out several honourable mentions for exceptional performance. They are given in 8 categories:

Speed, teamwork, courage, energy, strength, kindness, style, and grace

Afterward, one of us usually tells the story of the day that no doubt involves some fairly hilarious moments.

Then, to end the day on a genuine high note, two team members "pass on the bracelet." It is important in any group to empower everyone to notice and recognize hard work. The Inspired Bracelets do just that by asking each day's recipients to nominate the awarded for the following day.

This is a phenomenal group of people. We already feel like a posse and it's only day three...

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Location:Taphul Rd,Siem Reap,Cambodia

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