11 November 2010

Over the handle bars

Over the handle bars

We awoke ready for the next leg of our cycling adventure to keep our "Race for a Cure" energy sky high. Our proposed itinerary:

"16 km on fairly flat, mostly paved roads through charming villages and countryside."

Our actual journey:

20 km on extremely hilly, mostly unpaved roads through the jungle and 6-foot tall uncleared grass.

Needless to say, it was an adventure! After carrying our cycles on our backs across a small stream and into a clearing, Simon somehow managed to dislodge his bike chain and get it jammed in the spokes of his back wheel, which meant three of us got to play mechanic and troubleshoot by banging wrenches and pulling on things.

It was quite fortunate that we got stuck because it meant we had front row seats for both Ian and Greg's over the handle bars face plant after their front wheels got lodged in a pot hole. I only joke because both of them were completely fine, which makes it alright to discuss the fantastic imagery of two 6-foot 2 men flying through the air like human cannonballs set against the backdrop of Thai rice paddies.

We finished with yet another divine meal at a gorgeous lodge also set against rice paddies that stretched for miles. What was really great about today is that everyone went with the flow. It's Asia, it's the jungle, and it's fluid. Part of the adventure is leaving your schedules, diaries, outlook notifications, and routines at home; genuinely letting go of control and doing something outside your comfort zone in support of charity. The sooner you embrace the excitement, the more you will get out of the entire experience.

As for us, we are about to board a near private Laos airlines flight to Luang Prabang, where will be start the third leg of the first ever Race for a Cure. As I say quite often, GO TEAM!

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