06 November 2010

The Gang Is All Here!

We started this morning just the two of us Saxon and Kyle. By 9pm we were 20! For the first time since everyone signed up to a part of this big adventure, all 16 team members plus two social leaders and two local guides have assembled for the adventure of a lifetime. We went to a beautiful dinner at Siem Reaps premier French/Khmer fusion restaurant, where we did a round robin intro and I introduced the BIG RACE!!! Needless to say, people were pumped!

Saxon and I gave away the first "person of the day" awards to Madonna and Renee for braving an extra day of travel to be here. Tomorrow they will have the honor of passing those on to who they decide is the person of the day! Frank already stole the team idol, so we will see who nabs it from him in the morning!

All in all, we are off to a great start and it's all for Cure Cancer! 5am meet-up for Angkor Wat at sunrise. Better get to bed!

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Location:Taphul Rd,Siem Reap,Cambodia

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