17 November 2010

I'm doing it for...

I'm doing it for...

Without question, this Race for a Cure has been life-changing for the entire group. We have cycled close to 200 kilometers, trekked nearly 100 kilometers, slept on two overnight trains, gotten up at 4am, sweated together, laughed together, and yes, even cried together. Every day has built on and grown from the day before.

Right from the start we dedicated different days to different aspects of our adventure. Our 80km cycling day was "doing it for Cure Cancer." The survival course and long hike in Thailand were "doing it for the team." Yesterday's intro trek through Sapa was "doing it for me" and our 20k, 6 hour trek today was "doing it for ______. I handed out a slip of paper in the morning and asked everyone to fill in the blank with whoever or whatever got them here, with the intention of really encouraging people to think about what this is all about.

We finished our trek at a small village deep in the never-ending terraced rice fields far away from anything even remotely familiar. After settling in for another night in this rustic but spectacular environment, we came together as a group and I asked everyone who felt comfortable to share who or what they were trekking for.

I started and fought back tears telling everyone about Laura, a close family friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer only recently. She had been on my mind this entire trip but today - sprained ankle, arthritic knees, cough, cold, and all - I was taking every step for her. I won't share everyones stories as they were really for us, but I will mention Ian, who asked me to include his photo and share that he was thinking about and dedicating his day to his brother. Emotions ran high and by the end, there wasn't a dry eye in the room.

I felt incredibly privileged to share in peoples stories and motivations and as Saxon pointed out, we have really become like a family. I guess that's the power of these Inspired Adventures - a life-changing experience that you are able to share with people as passionate and inspired as you while truly changing the world by supporting an amazing charity like Cure Cancer Australia.

Tomorrow we are doing it for the researcher who may very well find a cure to this awful disease. As a group we have raised $104,517! That's enough to fund a young, innovative person who very well may unlock the key to a cure; something everyone in our group deserves to be proud of.

As I always seem to say, GO TEAM!!!

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