09 February 2011

Back in the Saddle

And we're back! It has been exactly 82 days since my last post. How embarrassing is that? It was a perfect storm, really. Work got manic post-trip and I was spending 100 hours a week in the office! I darted off to USA and UK for a month opening presents with the fam, dancing the night away with the sister and the Aditi, ringing in the New Year from Big Ben, dancing more with the Lianne (pictured), and celebrating the wedding of the wonderful Helen and Dave. Time literally flew and to be honest, I didn't feel like I had anything interesting to say.

While I am so thankful to be employed, the settled life has been a major adjustment for me. I go to the same place five days a week and do work things. I then go to do some exercise, eat some dinner, email, skype with family, read my book, take a shower, sleep, and repeat. Though I just moved, I come home to the same place and sleep in the same bed and sit in the same desk chair. I tune my bike (yes, I am now cycling EVERYWHERE). I watch 87 episodes of the same show in a row. I have dinner parties and talk about life things - kids, marriage, bills, new traffic patterns, produce offerings at the supermarket. I file tax returns. I feel like my parents.

These things are not what I usually do. You know how most might say sleeping on the floor of a hut in an ethnic minority village deep in the Vietnamese countryside would be outside their comfort zone? This is what that's like for me. So as not to go stir crazy, I'm attempting to think about it, reflect upon it, and find the humor in it. This is my current adventure: Domestic "Bliss."

Welcome to my new world. More to come!

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