28 April 2009

What’s With the Weather?

For the two months I have been following the weather in Spain and Portugal it has been nothing but sun. For the first five days I was in Portugal it was nothing but sunshine and warm temperatures. As soon as Alyson arrived, however, it was patchy clouds, occasional sun and now, pouring rain. What, might you ask, is the forecast for the day we leave? BRILLIANT sunshine and temperatures of 80 degrees.

It hasn’t been all bad. We have ended up getting quite a few sunny days, it’s just a bit colder than anticipated. Because I assumed warmth (it’s Portugal and Spain!), I packed no coat and four pairs of shorts. That’s right, I have a red sweater and a brown hoodie and THAT IS IT. I managed to lose my umbrella in Madrid just hours after Alyson and I talked about how we always seem to lose umbrellas and sunglasses (she left her sunglasses somewhere in Barcelona). Needless to say, this means that while I have been changing my under-layers, I’ve been wearing the same shoes, jeans, sweater and hoodie in nearly every picture taken on this trip. That is either marginally cool (like “wow, he visited all those places in one day?”) or totally not attractive. Let’s hope most agree with the former.

Either way, we’re hoping the forecast for sunshine Sunday and Monday (our last two days) holds true. I need some additional rays before going back to dreary London and I also really don’t want Alyson to beat me up. After all, I did promise a sunny escape in gorgeous Iberia. Oops?

NOTE: Do NOT trust weather.com. It is evil and wrong in Spain and Portugal. In fact, trust no forecasts for this part of the world.


Kyle Taylor

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