12 April 2009


Sadly, my words won’t nearly capture the beauty of this place, so I’m going to post lots of pictures instead! We had oddly been warned that this place was “overwrought” with tourists, though those folks must have grown up on a farm in a town of twenty because to a southern California boy and a big-city Turkish girl, this place feels deserted. We followed the “map” to a 6-inch wide DIRT PATH which is apparently the main route to the beaches. A good hour-long HIKE later with several confirmations [“yes, this is where you go, follow the path behind the sign that says “Warning: Unstable Edges & Faling Rocks.” The one that’s behind the big fence.” Um, ok?] we stumbled upon this incredible lighthouse that led down into hidden grottos where - for $12 - we took an hour-long boat ride along the coast before being dropped at paradise; I mean the beach. We’ve just taken our post-sun shower and we’re off to introduce Lagos to the new, improved, tanned Kyle and Zeynep.


Kyle Taylor

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