20 April 2009

Gaudi Is Glorious

“Welcome to the home of the most brilliant genius who ever lived,” the audio tour proclaimed. This same message started every audio tour of a Gaudi exhibit in Barcelona. Clearly, Spain is a fan. While many of you may know of him, other might be learning of the World’s greatest genius for the first time, so I’ll explain. He was a really big deal at the turn of the century, completely revolutionizing art and architecture in a way that has yet to be repeated. From apartment buildings to parks to churches, Gaudi has left an important stamp on the city of Barcelona, the nation of Spain and the international world of art. Indeed, he is the greatest, most brilliant-est, most fantastic-est man that ever lived, and a huge part of our stay in Barcelona. We visited his apartment building, an estate he was commissioned to create, an unbelievable park set atop Barcelona and the Sagrada Familia, a church that would become his last work. He died suddenly in 1926 when he was hit by a tram. Note the colors, curves and genuine uniqueness of it all, then go visit and see it all for yourself!


Kyle Taylor

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