06 April 2009

Hillary: The Movie - So Bad, The Supreme Court Just Said NO

For those of you who have lives and can't follow pathetic political news, a right-wing crazy group has spent nearly a year trying to release a "documentary" about Hillary Clinton and her "evil ways" that stars Ann Coulter. Good one guys, really legitimate. It also tries to blame her for the death of every American Soldier in any war ever, not to mention attacks her for supporting the right to speak out against your government. Um, wait, isn't freedom of speech a good thing? Anyway, the release caused a stir because, well, it's SO UNTRUE that the courts are deciding whether it is simply an extended political attack ad, which means it is subject to a slew of campaign finance laws. By the courts, I mean THE SUPREME COURT. Thank you, right wing, yet again, for keeping the Supreme Court busy with stuff like this. By the way, by putting Ann Coulter in your video you're basically saying, "yeah, we know it's crap, but most people just take anything as true these days, so there!" Here's a link to the trailer of this "thriller." And here is where you can read about the court case. Well done Republicans. Well done.


Kyle Taylor

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