19 April 2009

Team Barcelona

As we are in fact staying with friends of mine in Barcelona I thought it pertinent to introduce you to the cast of characters that make up Team Barcelona. Naturally, visiting team members include Alyson and myself. This is the two of us at Gaudi Park, Alyson embracing a palm tree and feeling bliss after siting a drag queen and me wearing Mariel’s Cornell track coat doing my best “Andy” impression.

Next there is Aditi - lady of all trades and overall amazing human being who entertained us with fantastic stories about family politics and playing favorites. Sorry Aditi’s sister, you will be not be a part of this blog entry, though I bet you would really like to. That’s another shot of Aditi with Alyson and I.

Next there’s Sarah, whose birthday somehow lasted for the duration of our stay in Barcelona, capped off with a delicious dinner at Wagaboo. “It’s fusion. So modern.”

Last but not least, there’s Mariel. She flies under the radar in Spain, teaching English and making sandwiches while hosting friends, rocking out and changing the butane tank in the apartment. Here she is with Matt (another teacher and cohort) and Sarah (the one whose birthday is seemingly always happening).

As a final tribute to the team, here is some of reenacting a weekend cafe experience where - during their coffee and sandwich bag session - a middle-aged man appeared, picked up a lawn chair and proceeded to THROW IT AT THE WINDOW just next to their table. As the glass did not break on the first attempt, he continued to throw objects, doing his best to cause mayhem. First more chairs then a table. Naturally, Matt and Sarah immediately got up and b-lined it to the other side of the cafe. Aditi, on the other hand, stayed seated. Why? “I have no idea,” she declared. While Aditi did eventually move, she realized moments later there was something incredibly important still in the area of the madman. What was it, you ask? A computer? Wallet? Cell phone? No, no and no. It was, in fact, her $20 coat from H&M. “We’ve all decided that in times of crisis, I am completely useless.” Fortunately for Aditi, in every other context she’s wonderful. Thanks again Team Barcelona!


Kyle Taylor

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Aditi Fruitwala said...

in my (very lame) defense, the jacket is super cute! cheap and completely replaceable at every H&M retailer, but cute...