23 April 2009

Madrid Is Magnificent

Thankfully, nothing ridiculous, absurd or particularly hilarious happened on our journey to Madrid. We were equally lucky while IN Madrid as well. While that’s swell for us, it means less entertaining fodder for blogging!

While we did have a guesthouse booked in Madrid, one of Team Barcelona’s significant others offered his place to us, which meant a savings of $60 each PLUS a live-in tour guide. Glorious. The only bad side is that he lived on the 5th floor of a walk-up, which left Alyson and I gasping for air as we climbed to the top, bags in hand, on backs, on fronts and so on.

Most folks had told us that Madrid did not compare to Barcelona. It wasn’t beautiful. The people were different and so on. We couldn’t disagree more! Madrid was our place! Loved the winding tiny lanes, loved the innumerable plazas, loved the gritty city feel, loved the warm people and loved the sites and LOVED the food.

We did our usual “walk the entire city in a day and feel totally exhausted” thing, which does wonders for orienting ones self. We also got to take in some of Madrid’s (and Spain’s) most incredible sites, including the The Cathedral, the Egyptian (yes, Egyptian) ruins, the Reina Sofia (modern art museum), the Parc Real (which used to be the Royal Family’s backyard), the Prado (historic art museum), the Palace and the Plaza Mayor (center of town). Just a few shots by day. More by night soon!


Kyle Taylor

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