02 November 2011

ChildFund Cruises Down The River!

How does one celebrate after having trekked 50 kilometers in four days through dense Vietnamese jungle sleeping in barns and eating...and eating...and eating? With a lovely cycle along and boat cruise down the res River, of course!

The first order of business after another night train, 4am arrival, and bus ride was a very deep clean. It involved hot water, solid pressure, an indescribable amount of soaps, and a great deal of upper body strength. Boy did it feel good to be clean!

From there we saddled up and began our cycle along the Red River. Gill was a natural and made it look so easy, while Bianca gave tips to the rest of the group on changing gears, using brakes, and not falling over. We zipped through the countryside at a leisurely pace, taking in the beauty and charm of less-crowded Vietnam.

We stopped at the oldest pagoda in Vietnam (where Marissa and Georgia decided to have a photo shoot) and shopped at a ceramics market before ditching the bikes and hopping aboard our river boat to cruise back to Hanoi while dining on fresh seafood and sipping on some bubbly!

Upon our return to Hanoi we once again deep cleaned, put on our Sunday best, and headed to a farewell dinner where awards were handed out, jokes were made, and tears were shed at having to say goodbye to this amazing group of people. It feels like bidding adieu to family, we have all been through so much!

Alas, all good things have to come to end and so here we come, back to Australia with piles and gifts for all of you! Get excited (except for Alexis' family. She only shopped for herself, naturally).

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