30 October 2011

ChildFund Vietnam Gets Muddy. And Drinks. And Shops.

We awoke on the last trek morning having had quite the celebratory evening the night before. What were we celebrating? Our own awesomeness, of course! Stories were told, deep dark secrets were shared, and our local guide Tung danced brilliantly to Kylie's "Spin Me Right Round." I wish I could share our antics but alas, what happens in Sapa STAYS IN SAPA. Except for things that happen to Van B. Or Alexis.

It could not have been any wetter, muddier, and more slippery than it was yesterday, or so we thought. The last trekking day brought the need for constant attention on each and every step taken. There was a great deal more sliding and mud skiing; both of which Marissa escaped by simply plopping down on her bum and cleverly (though muddily) scooching along on her bottom. The group decided to declare their prowess by slapping mud across their faces and doing a little photo shoot.

The grueling trek behind us, we then had roughly 24 hours to shower, shop, and eat before catching the overnight train back to Hanoi. It's never a dull moment on an Inspired Adventure! A lie-in meant quite a few of the group danced, drank, and was merry until the wee hours of the morning. I believe at one stage...like I would tell! Everyone did a little shopping then Krista came in last and bought up all the final bits and pieces. She may be solely responsible for Vietnam's fourth quarter growth rate of 7% and she has another week to buy buy buy!

Tomorrow we will be cycling and cruising along the Mekong. For now, it's time to drift away to the slow and rhythmic rumbling of the Fansipan Express. Sweet dreams!

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