28 October 2011

Wet n' Wild For Team ChildFund!

It was 6:30am and I was attempting to catch a few more Zzzz's before heading off on another big trek. Team ChildFund, however, were already up and buzzing around like a bunch of overexcited teenagers! Despite the rain, mud, and onslaught of local villagers this group couldn't get enough!

We munched on some wildly delectable pancakes which were complemented with bananas, apples, and fresh honey before once again putting on our sopping wet, mud-encrusted boots and setting off. Today's theme? WATER! It was falling from the sky, it was raging down rivers we had to cross, and it was sloshing around in our boots.

To say conditions were tough is a gross understatement. Still, after two days of intense trekking, it was clear that nothing would stop us. We went up, we went down, we went on and on! Kirby was totally wet through, her petite frame in need of a genuine ringing out. Sue embraced the rain and just let herself get soaked. Marissa got munched on by a leech. I nearly fell off the side of a mountain. Gary was still wearing those tiny shorts.

Once we got into it there was something almost enjoyable about the whole experience. We were in it, we weren't getting out of it, so we dealt with it. That includes the rock slide that missed us by no more than 100 meters. It's an adventure!

We arrived at camp around 3pm to find mattresses for everyone, a fully stocked bar, a western toilet, and HOT WATER! Five star all around. We drew up our shower roster, pumped some tunes, and really just enjoyed each other's company. Card games, celebrity heads, Facebook stalking, tarot card reading, eating, and drinking rice wine were all on the agenda.

Once again I couldn't help but notice the level of instant intimacy that seems to emerge on trips like this. This element of camaraderie and team spirit is probably my favorite aspect of our Inspired Adventures. As I have said before, you can take 18 near strangers, chuck them in a foreign land together, and within days they will think like a team, act like a family, and joke like lifelong friends. It is truly life-changing.

For now, it's off to bed as we still have one more rain-filled trek ahead of us! I would like to note that Alexis (the one who couldn't seem to get any lovin') was awarded with both a bracelet (for her humour) and the day's Miss Saigon statuette (for offering her jacket to a soaked-through team leader in absolute misery). Naturally, she promptly lost the bracelet and decapitated the statuette. And she wonders why nobody likes her. Just kidding! But seriously.

Until next time!

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