06 October 2011

Time To Donate: Everest Bast Camp & London Marathon For Cancer Research

As of three days ago I am officially trekking to Everest Base Camp and running the London Marathon for Cure Cancer, an amazing research charity.  One in two families are touched by cancer in their lifetime and Cure Cancer is determined to improve prevention, detection and treatment outcomes to reduce the suffering caused by cancer.

For over a year I have watched as people from around the world raised thousands and thousands of dollars through my work at Inspired Adventures.  Now, it's time for me to put myself in their shoes and raise some money!  I'll be trekking through Nepal to Everest Base Camp in February and running the London marathon April 22nd.  You know me - either go big or go home!

Online donation site: http://www.tinyurl.com/kylecure2012

I've chosen cancer research because it's personal.  I've lost dear relatives, close friends have lost partners, and friends themselves are currently battling this horrible disease.  Nothing I take on can compare to their challenge but I want to do something to help.  I am a fan of Cure Cancer  because they fund young and innovative researchers who are approaching cancer research from new and interesting perspectives.

By helping me reach my goal of $10,000 you will assist my team of runners in FUNDING A CANCER RESEARCHER FOR A YEAR.  That’s right, just the ten of us runners together will - through your support - fund a cancer researcher for an entire year! It is my hope that we can all help them find a key to a cure.

This challenge isn't about me and what I want to do is make it about those people who you are donating in support, memoriam, or honor of.  With their fight, challenge, victory, and tragic loss in mind, I will take them with me to Everest and to London:

$65 Donation - I'll put their name and your name on my banner that I'll fly at Everest Base Camp.  It will read: "I'm trekking for: ______"

$110 Donation - I'll put their name on my marathon jersey that will read: "I'm running for:______"

$500 Donation - Let's talk!  I'll do whatever you want.

Join me on this epic journey by donating $65, $110, or anything you can to help unlock a key to a cure and hopefully save lives.  We can do it!  You can donate online right here:

Online donation site: http://www.tinyurl.com/kylecure2012

As always, I’ll be blogging about my progress for both challenges as well as about the current adventures I am leading in Asia.

It's go time!


Kyle Taylor

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