16 November 2011

Airplanes, Buses, & Tunnels, Oh My!

The serious challenge of 415 kilometers cycling behind us, it was now time to take in some of the culture, insights, and history of this spectacular country. That started with a full day of rest in Nha Trang and continued with an internal flight to Saigon, where he headed immediately to the Cu Chi Tunnels.

Situated just 45 kilometers from Saigon, this network of more than 250 kilometers of underground tunnels was a bastion of Viet Cong site capability in the south and a major headache for US, South Vietnamese, and Allied troops during the American War (what we call the Vietnam War).

The tunnels themselves range from 3 meters to more than 10 meters underground and are roughly 60 centimeters high and 40 centimeters wide. They once linked underground kitchens, arms depots, bedrooms, wells, booby traps, numerous hidden ways in and out, and even water entry ways into and out of the Saigon river. It is an architectural and logistical wonder as well as a significant site for the war itself.

After crawling through the tunnels ourselves, learning about its structure, and getting a first-hand look at every aspect of the war we hopped back on the bus and zoomed toward Saigon. Dinner this evening was at leisure and tomorrow several of us will be heading to Long Tan, site of the most significant battle fought by Australian troops during the war.

We've still got Flinders, our accomplishment, and all of our friends and family on our minds! GO TEAM!

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