18 November 2011

Team Flinders Says Farewell

After 12 days, 415 kilometers, 9 different hotels, one overnight train, two flooded towns, and three flights on Vietnam airways it is time for this amazing group of 37 Flinders fundraisers who have raised over $185,000 to say farewell! After our very long ride we had a few days to enjoy this fantastic country and did it in style. No one really knew how to get on with their day not having a morning briefing but we managed, and we did it together. You would never guess that most of us only just met. An experience like this really does bind people.

As I have said many times before, this element of camaraderie and team spirit is probably my favorite aspect of our Inspired Adventures. You can take 37 near strangers, chuck them in a foreign land together, and within days they will think like a team, act like a family, and joke like lifelong friends. It is truly life-changing.

Below are a few pics from our final dinner. Now get ready to welcome everyone home in just 24 short hours. Finally...


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