29 June 2011

M.O.N. (Middle of Nowhere)

Just a quick word on just how remote it feels out here. You can only find gas every 200 kilometers. Cell phones don't work. There are no radio stations. Other cars are an anomaly. Birds fly low. There are tires hanging in trees. The speed limit is 150 kph. A mice epidemic is wreaking havoc but it's too far and too difficult to do anything about it. Credit card machines are run on dial-up Internet. If you can find a banana, it's at least a week old and has been transported frozen in dry ice. Signs warn of giant reptiles. You are prohibited from driving between dusk and dawn because kangaroos hop across the highway too often. Coke is in glass bottles. Orange juice costs $11 a liter. Gas costs $9 a gallon and you can't pump it yourself. A dinner salad is $21 but a kangaroo burger only costs $12. Beer is cheaper than water. Shoulder pads and perms are fashionable.

Where am I?

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