28 June 2011

Kata Tjuta is pretty great too

Roughly 40 kilometers west of Uluru lies the site of Kata Tjuta. The holiest site on Earth for aboriginal men, Kata Tjuta is a winding, weaving, staggering collection of 32 rock formations that once again rise out of the Earth with no other natural or man made structures in site. Because their significance can only be known by Anarangu Aboriginal men who have been officially initiated, there is next to nothing I can share about it's meaning. This is not a joke:

What I can tell you is that the 9.4 kilometer walk we took was called the "Valley of the Winds" walk and it was gorgeous. Valleys, peaks, ridges, billabongs, and the like dot the path that led us into, over, out, and around the site. The sound of the wind rustling by was also incredibly atmospheric. Because there is not a whole lot more to say, here are a few more photos:

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