03 June 2011

Day 4 Climbing Kilimanjaro: A little R&R

Today is known as our “lazy morning,” as we don’t have to be up until 7:30am. Woohoo! I pull out my iPod and small speakers for the first time so far and crank some tunes to the both the amazement and pleasure of the group. Aretha Franklin’s “Sisters” seems to really get us going. After our ginormous breakfast, we depart on our second acclimitisation walk. While yesterday’s lasted for just ninety minutes, today’s walk will be just under three hours. It is our unofficial assessment with the doctor (who has been traveling with us the entire journey to ensure safety) as to whether or not he believes we will be able to summit. This is done with the utmost care, as safety is - without question - the highest priority.

Thankfully, everyone is in good form and the doctor is, as he says to us, “not worried at all.” We return to camp for yet another massive meal. This time the cooks dish up a phenomenal cheese and tomato toasty that has us all gaga. At 4,320 metres it really is the little things that matter most.

Our afternoon is all about rest and relaxation. After all, tomorrow starts what will be a marathon two days, with summiting the highest point in Africa and fourth-highest in the world on our agenda. No big deal at all! I nap yet again. This is followed by dinner, some bag rearranging, and a bed time of 7:30pm. My grandmother would be proud.