24 June 2011

Entering The Red Center

I'm finally here! The day I arrived in Australia my top site to see was undoubtedly Uluru. Every time someone came to visit I would barrage them with information, statistics, and flight itineraries in an attempt to persuade them to go with me. Four visits later I still hadn't ma it to The Red Center.

We recently started working with an amazing charity called Indigenous Community Volunteers (ICV) on a Larapinta Trail adventure (located in the Red Center). Simultaneously, we entered talks with another charity also looking to do something in this area. What did that mean? An absolute need to do a site visit, hotel inspections, meetings and yes, a visit to Uluru!

We landed on one of just five flights per day to Alice Springs, wandered down the stairs onto the tarmac, and continued into the terminal via a dirt path. After signing my name a dozen times and signing my initials a dozen more, Aditi and I loaded up our white Hyundai Elantra and headed for downtown Alice.

I dropped her at a shopping mall food court so she could continue work on our marathon program and I headed off to meet ICV. Post-meeting I picked her up, grabbed some emergency supplies, and hit the road for Erldunda, our midway stopover. This is. Erldunda:

The Stuart Highway - the only paved road in this part of Australia - led us in a straight line for nearly 2 hours. With a posted legal speed limit of 100mph the ride was not lacking excitement (or giant road trains, which is when a semi truck pulls 3-6 payloads behind it, stretching up to 120 feet in length).

We arrived safe and sound and have checked into room number 23. We are headed to The Tavern for dinner and have to hurry, as hot food is not served past 8pm. Before I rush off, just a few initial observations:

1. It is clear that a majority of Australia's aboriginal population is consolidated in the Northern Territory.
2. Dying strategically selected sections of one's hair is all the rage.
3. Perms, hair mousse, bell bottom jeans, and leopard print are all the rage.
4. Shoulder pads are back in here too (or perhaps never went out)
5. Signs are AMAZING. Evidence:

Onward to Uluru tomorrow. Yeah!!!

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Location:Erldunda, Northern Territory, Australi

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