03 September 2010

Them Queenslanders

Before I headed north everyone kept telling me, “Kyle, them Queenslanders are an interesting bunch. It’s always Queensland first, then Australia.” Already thinking that Aussies as a whole are a rather interesting bunch, I didn’t really flinch.

It turns out that Queenslanders are, well, quite an interesting bunch. It all started with the lovely Beverly, who drove the rental car shuttle from the airport. “You’re lucky I’m drivin’ you. I was supposed to get off at 6. But I’m drivin’ you. You’re lucky.” Really Beverly? Am I lucky? Aren’t you kind-of lucky that I chose your rental car company so that you could get your paycheck? “It’s been real busy,” she went on. “Real busy. Rented 60 cars today. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.” She burst into uproarious laughter. Why? I have no idea. Apparently renting 60 cars is very, very funny.

“Yep, I don’t always drive the shuttle. Sometimes I do the counter. We are all on salary though, so they can just keep us here as long as they darn want to. That don’t seem fair, does it?” No Beverly. It most certainly does not. “It’s hot. HAHAHAHAHA.” Pan to the shuttle riders. Complete silence. “It’s hot, isn’t it? I mean, real hot! HAHAHAHA.” Yes Beverly. “Okay, here we are. You are L-U-C-K-Y LUCKY I drove ya. I was supposed to be off at 6.” Thanks Beverly.

This joyous experience was amplified by our rainforest tour guide Peter One (because literally every tour guide we had was named Peter. No, seriously. Queensland is weird). Peter One was AWESOME - as was the hilarious old lady trio that cruised the Daintree with me - and this little rant was possibly the highlight of the day.

The topic of environmental degradation came up and Peter decided to launch into a full frontal assault on the religious right. “You know who really irritates me,” he asked rhetorically. “Those super Christians, because they think they’re going to some fantastic eternity after this world so don’t give a S$%T about this world, which is the only one we’ve all got. So they just trash it. That just irritates me.”

Man, Queenslanders are awesome. More Daintree Rainforest Pictures Are On My Flickr Site.

Kyle Taylor

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