10 September 2010

Interview Of Doom

Now that I’m hired, I feel okay with discussing the interview that led to my current employment. It. Was. Intense. It included a 10-minute presentation to a “prospective client,” me acting as the company to which I was applying for a job. Who was playing the prospective client? The founder of the company to which I was applying!

I walked in and had to go right into my presentation. Fully suited, the window was closed and I felt like I was gasping for air. I rarely get nervous but this...this felt like my final hope. So many applications. So many months. I need a job! I wipe my brow and continue, feeling like a frantic wreck.

The presentation ends and the questions start. I’m answering questions about the company I am applying to posed by people who work for that company but who are role playing like they’re part of a prospective client. I don’t have all the answers. Window still closed. Heart still racing.

We move into the more traditional portion of the interview and things settle down a bit. I sense a sort-of good cop, bad cop scenario. It feels like one of the two interviewers hates me. My answers feel more paced but I’m still feeling a bit all over the place.

Suddenly, it’s all over. It has been 93 minutes and my suit is now acting as nothing more than a sweat retention device. I shake their hands with my balmy palm and am escorted out of the office. They close the door behind me and I breathe a sigh of relief. Did that just happen?

All I can think is, “that went terribly. No one would hire that rambling train wreck.” Six days later I get a job offer. Who knew?

Kyle Taylor

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