15 September 2010

Please Don't Buy Koch!

Those who know me are fully aware of my belief system. It stems from basic principles like equality, sustainability, and a "fair go" for every person on the planet. Over the past two years a major way of bigotry, hatred, and evil has swept across the good old US of A. While there are many people and corporations to blame, it seems that few have played a more central role that the Koch brothers. Owners of Koch industries, David and Charles have been intricately involved in - and the primary financial supporters of - The Tea Party movement, the birther movement (claiming Barack Obama is not a US citizen), the relaxing of regulations on big oil (which led to the BP disaster), the climate change skeptics movement, and the homophobic, hateful, anti-American, anti-equality Prop 8 campaign in California.

The Koch brothers fund all of these initiatives (some estimates have been put at $1 billion) thanks to their privately held company that owns a number of brands that we all use every day. One way to say "no" to this evil and hatred is to stop buying their brands, which is what I'm asking of you right now. There is no room for this type of irrational, hopeless, one-sided, wealth-based dialogue that ignores the many in favor of the powerful few. Here are there most famous brands, and here is a link to the rest of them.

Quilted Northern
Angel Soft
Vanity Fair
Mardi Gras

There are alternatives, and through your purchasing power you can send a message that hatred, lies, and innuendo are not okay.

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Kyle Taylor

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