01 September 2010


Well, it took several months and 43 applications that led to just 2 interviews, but I got a job! Cue fireworks, jumping for joy, and general fanfare.

Most of the time I was overqualified, or the NO letter read something like this:

“Following our recent advertisement for position X located in the Sydney CBD, we received your application. Both the volume and the high standard of the applications we received meant we were very happy with the response.  After careful consideration we were able identify other applicants that more closely matched our requirements for this role. Therefore in this instance you were unsuccessful in obtaining the position.”

Oh, were you “able” to identify more qualified applications? Was I “unsuccessful?” What does that even mean? Talk about discouraging!

Thankfully, Inspired Adventures “got me.” Inspired Adventures is this amazing company that works with charities to design 2-week adventure travel trips that act as major fundraising tools. Roughly ten to twenty people can go on each adventure, and anyone - from anywhere - can take part! Every trip raises $50,000 to $100,000 for the sponsored charity. I’m in love.

After applying for an Account Manager position, I was asked to consider a separate role that the CEO has designed specifically for me. I’ll be working on new and social media development, targeting new business opportunities, building our corporate challenge opportunities, and rebranding the entire organization. Needless to say, I am PUMPED!!!

The best perk has to be the phenomenal travel opportunities. I’ll be leading at least three trips per year all over the World, including a climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, a trek across the Great Wall, and other Inspired Adventures.

Stay tuned to this space for all the exciting developments, as well as heaps of information about how you, too, can go on your own inspired adventure!

Kyle Taylor

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