30 March 2010

Unemployment Part Three: Rejection

Nothin' Wrong With A Little Love

Today, in a matter of about two hours, I had an interview that really wasn’t a very good fit followed by two rejection emails that read as follows:

1. Thanks for sending your details through. I’ve just reviewed applications from other candidates and it looks like there are currently three candidates with strong social media experience that the team will be interviewing over the next few weeks.  We will not be considering you further.

2. With reference to your application for the position I wish to advise that on this occasion you have not progressed to the short list stage. The field of applicants for this position was particularly strong and other candidates more closely matched our requirements.

Not too mean, though not too nice either. With more than a dozen applications out at the moment, some are bound to come back a “no,” but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still no fun to be rejected. In a relationship, at least you have a few dates to give context to the whole thing. Maybe there were some lulls in the conversation, maybe you didn’t have “chemistry,” maybe you liked someone else more.

With jobs, however, there’s no context at all. You send off your hopes and dreams for a countless number of positions and all the control is in their hands. They cut you off before even a first date (in the form of an interview) and you’re left - like after most relationships - wondering where it went wrong. “Was it the font? I can change the font. Was there something you were looking for specifically? I may have done it! Please, just let me speak to one in person. Why don’t you love me?”

The biggest strike is when you’re just certain your profile is perfect. Take number one above. My social media skills weren’t strong enough? How is that possible, and who are these people who were short-listed? But you can’t ask those questions because you don’t have the power. You’ve just got to take it, accept it, and move on, which gets a bit difficult after the third or fourth missed connection (though do you really want to take just anything? More on that next time).

I think the energy level towards this topic ebbs and flows. One minute you’re positive, the next you’re down. A friend today said I need to just cool my jets and wait for my second wind. Then my third wind. And the fourth. And fifth. And sixth. I’m feeling a second wind coming on, so watch out Sydney job market. There are going to be a lot of very romantic dates coming your way.




Kyle Taylor

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