11 March 2010


Hong Kong - 001

It all began August 28th. After almost exactly four months I landed in Los Angeles, California to spend a few months “chilling out” with family and friends. Coming back to Southern California - my birthplace - never ceases to raise an army of questions like “where, exactly, is home?” Is it Anaheim, California where I was born and lived until I was 18? Is it Washington, DC, where I finished my undergraduate degree and lived for nearly 6 years? Is it Shanghai, China where I really became a grown-up? Is it London, where I completed my Master’s degree and grew oddly attached to the city itself? Do I have lots and lots of “homes” or do I really have none?

Middle East By Matt - 125

What I do know is that traveling - constantly moving from place to place exploring, experiencing and being exposed to new sites and sounds - is what feels natural and right. It’s what invigorates me, excites me and leaves me begging for more. Is it unnatural? Most would probably say yes. But in terms of history and how people lived for the thousands and thousands of year prior to 1800, nomadic lifestyles used to reign supreme. You follow the food, the work and the weather: three things I, too, love to follow. Are there some things that I miss out on because I’m constantly on the go? Of course, but the same holds true for those who don’t keep moving. Different foods, different cultures and different ways of seeing the world. At first, everywhere seems different, unique and original. The further you go, however, the more everywhere begins to feel oddly similar. At the end of the day it’s just people doing what they can to put food on the table, clothes on their back and a roof over their head with a little left over to have some fun. The only difference for me is, the food skips the table, the clothes all fit into one backpack, the roof moves and the fun is multi-continental.

I miss moving!


Kyle Taylor


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