17 March 2010

GaGa - Oh La La!

GaGa Concert Sydney Oz - 15

I knew it was coming and the anticipation was killing me. A good friend from LSE had give Josh and I tickets to the Lady Gaga concert in Sydney as a housewarming/Australia-warming/Amazing friend present nearly a month ago and immediately, the countdown began.

GaGa Concert Sydney Oz - 02

Then her newest music video - for Telephone - was released and anticipation turned into near anxiety over the event not coming soon enough. After some bad reviews following the Auckland show (in truth, it was pretty bad - she ended up laying on the ground the last five minutes of the concert) everything was up in the air. Could she conceivably manage to make it through an entire Australia tour? Was the energy there? The voice? The attitude? Mind you, these are all things that do not matter in real life but seem of the utmost importance once you’re sucked in to “Gaga.”

GaGa Concert Sydney Oz - 04

The show was mesmerizing. Her voice was fantastic live, the dancing was phenomenal, the “story” that the show told was entertaining, the costumes were otherworldy, and the jam session on the piano mid-way through was inspired. It was, simply put, a brilliant spectacle worth every penny. I was thoroughly entertained the entire two hours, and you could sense that she really wanted to entertain the audience. Gaga kept asking, “are you having fun? All I want is for you to have fun!”

GaGa Concert Sydney Oz - 22

She preformed nearly every song on both albums that have been released! Quite frankly, the “shock” of the evening was how many people didn’t know any of the non-radio singles. For example, “teeth” came on and I erupted with joy. It’s my favorite Gaga jam and I just assumed that most people who would pay $100 to go to a concert would have a fairly deep knowledge of Gaga music. After all, there are only TWENTY songs to know...

GaGa Concert Sydney Oz - 12

I’d say maybe only 10% of the people there actually KNEW Gaga’s music - a rather low percentage considering how HUGE she is at the minute. The girl to my left kept saying, “come on, why won’t she just play the songs I want to hear?” Um, because there are 15,000 people here crazy.

In the end, it just meant everyone else had the opportunity to watch me rock out solo most of the night. Problem? I think not.


Kyle Taylor

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