04 March 2010

The Blue Lagoon

Iceland - Blue Lagoon - 7

I had been reading about this place for years. An enormous collection of geo-thermal pools filled with natural mineral water that’s loaded with salts and minerals that retain all sort sorts of natural healing powers. One of National Geographic’s TOP FIVE places to go before you die. A health spa, medical treatment center and hot tub all rolled into one that includes the largest bath robe you’ve ever seen as part of your admission. Can you think of anything better?

The hype was not too great. In fact, nothing could have over-shot the brilliance of this seemingly fabled place. The approach road runs alongside the apparent run-off stream, meaning the first sign that you’ve arrived is a visual of neon blue water swirling up, down and around bright green moss-covered craggy volcanic rock. The parking lot is separated from the facility by a long access path that runs between two mini volcanic “mountain ranges.” At the end is the “wild” portion of the hot springs. Un-contained, their natural color makes you question everything you believed to be “naturally occurring” in this world of ours.

Iceland - Blue Lagoon - 1

Through the doors you “pay and display” an electronic wristband that handles everything from lockers to snacks. It couldn’t be more high-tech. After finding your locker and swapping winter layers for trendy swim trunks, you descend the stairs into the Indoor access tank. Set at a perfect 101 degrees, the water is both invigorating and relaxing all at the same time. Swinging the in-pool door open puts you feet first into exfoliating lava rocks that line the bottom of the expansive outdoor pools that literally stretch as far as the eye can see.

After visits to the steam room and sauna we glare at the folks getting in-water body massages and make our way to the included face mask distribution center to cover ourselves in the actual mineral salts that aim to heal everything from psoriasis to depression. This carries on for a good three hours with the gentle droplets of cold rain water balancing the intense heat of the soothing geothermally heated pool.

We exit the soothing pool of happiness and wonderment revitalized and rejuvenated, take a forever-long hot shower, return our robes, stop in the shop for some much-needed kitsch and hit the road back to Reykjavik. Oh. What. A. Day.


Kyle Taylor

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