22 March 2010

Sandstorm On My Face

My allergies have been off the charts this past week. First I tried Sudafed, but not the ephedrine one. Just the sad, pathetic attempt at decongesting. Needless to say, it was unsuccessful.

Then I moved on to Zyrtec non-drowsy, which made me insanely drowsy. Imagine that! So my initial congested sadness further evolved into a windy, windy, confused, slow motion, “beer-goggle” haze where everything was a little bit blurry and I couldn’t really see or hear anything. Oh, and I wanted to fall asleep all the time.

Then this morning I was reading an article about the giant sand storm in Beijing and realized that’s exactly what my head feels like. So basically, there’s a sand storm attacking my cranium. Currently searching for a better medication but in the meantime, this sums it up:


Kyle Taylor


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