10 December 2008

I Live HERE!

I realized in the heat of school, life and London I forgot to properly introduce my humble abode! I think telling the story through pictures works best, so here goes:

The overview: I live in a 10 foot by 8 foot box that has its own bathroom, window (with all-day sunshine) and occasional radiated heat (when it feels like turning on). I've done my best, however, to turn this vaulted ceiling box into a luxurious estate...

Here's the bedroom: I went with a tan on red pattern to give the room some life. My Union Jack is hanging first because the wall is so big and second because it's apparently way "uncool" to hang up your own flag (comparable to wearing the T-shirt of a band to their show. NOT OK).

We then move into the entry way, complete with whiteboard (can you read what it says?), photos of family and friends and umbrella (used almost every day).

The entry way leads into the study, home of books, dishes, food, extra towels and my map of the world.

From there it's off to the "powder room" or pod, as I call it. Sink, toilet and shower in a 2 foot by 2 foot space. Only room to do one thing at a time in here!

Next it's the place where I spent most of my time - the office! My computer lives on it's "keep me cool" stand, my speakers rock out the latest tunes when I dance around in the morning (as well as NPR when I don't dance around in the morning), the board is covered with photos of family and friends, my printer lives just above alongside my DVDs, my cow and tulip enjoy the top floor and two area lights bring a warmer feel to the space. I've also got my hamper, coat rack and "Blackpool" tea towel in the office. You know, for convenience.

And finally, to the "conservatory!" That's right, I have REAL NATURAL LIGHT pouring in most of the day, and I can see that big church tower straight ahead. Every hour on the hour Big Ben chimes down the road, reminding me of the time. How fantastic is that?

Oh my goodness, I LIVE HERE...


Kyle Taylor