28 December 2008

A Very Snowy Christmas

I fell off the map for a few weeks, and it was glorious. The last few months have brought a routine - something I hadn't had in a long time! With it came a much more mellow scene. That is, my life slipped in terms of excitement. Every waking moment went toward school, gym, swim or eating. Not exactly the flashy style I was used to. That meant less to write about, as I tend not to veer into the terribly personal if I can help it. Still, politics offered a few opportunities for editorializing, commenting and posting videos, articles, etc. that caught my eye. As for me, however, it just wasn't all that spectacular. As the new year approaches the only "resolution" I'll be making is to write more - at least a few times a week. It makes me feel good and I get to think about something. As travels won't be in the cards until at least March, I'll try and focus on political issues, academic thoughts, pertinent life events and London "happenings."

As for right now, I'm just going to post some photos from my Very Merry, Very Funny, Very Wonderful Christmas in Utah. The Mom, the Dad, the Sister, the Brother, the Nana, the Papa, the Nan and the Steve were all there, not to mention the rest of the Christensen gang (including the newest member - Calli - who was born just days before Christmas). Sorry kid, your doomed to "celebrate on Christmas" and "joint presents" for the rest of your life! :-) We basically spent nine days having snowball fights, sledding, snowboarding, playing games, opening gifts, eating, eating and eating. It was relaxing, enjoyable and filling over and over again! Here's a few Kodak Moments: