05 December 2008

Holiday Parties LIKE WHOA

Tis' the season to feast, apparently. Particularly in the UK. It seems that everyone is offering up free food to sad students. From happy hour drinks sponsored by brilliant professors to swim team dinners and Rotary celebrations, It feels like I'm chowing down on some massive masterpiece of a meal at least twice a week, and I'm not complaining!

One of the grandest - and most festive - of them all was hosted by the lovely founders of PeaceChild and my now good friends David, Rosey & Eirwen (not to mention the other 16 phenomenal teachers, voluteers, employees, family members and riff-raff who were there).

They hosted quite a to-do at the PeaceChild White House outside London and invited me to "crash the party." The grounds are actually home to not only David and Rosey, but to Rosey's mother Eirwen and the constant flow of young people who effectively lead the organization. They live down the path in what can only be described as a more luxurious version of camp barracks, complete with kitchen, terrace, beds, bathrooms, TV and the like. I've never seen anything like it.

We spent the evening eating (obviously), singing carols and playing games with the fireplace crackling as it kept us toasty warm. In addition to the photos, I was also able to capture Rosey telling the "Holiday Mad Lib," which involves everyone in attendance who each offer up adjectives to make the story borderline hilarious. Enjoy!

More holiday parties coming soon. There are just so many!


Kyle Taylor

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