12 December 2008

What Kind Of Special Is Boots Running?

Every Friday I get the "meal deal" from Boots for lunch. It's 3 pounds fifty for a sandwich, side and drink, which is absolutely AMAZING for London. Right now they've got the December special on - Christmas roast with stuffing, rocket and cranberry sauce on a delectable wholemeal seedy bread. Divine! Couple that with a yogurt cluster and apple juice and I'm one happy camper.

Last Friday, however, I was a bit confused by the special they were advertising. In case you missed it above, here's the sticker zoomed in:

Um, huh? 3 for 2 on hosiery and socks? Woohoo! That's just what I was thinking about buying with my "shapers" meal deal at noon on a Friday. You got me pegged! Although, this may be just the campaign they're trying to start - irony-loving bloggers who spread their viral hosiery and socks campaign online. Brilliant...


Kyle Taylor