08 February 2012

Team Everest Still Grounded

Alas, today was not our day! We awoke once more at 4:15am and were in the airport by 5:30am amid pouring rain, thunderstorms, and lightning. Things just didn't look good and, at 10:15am, we called it. Today would be spent in Kathmandu.


Regardless, spirits remained high as we stuck together and did our best to stay positive. We created a "VIP" section at the airport (ie. put rows of chairs in a circle and plopped a table down in the middle). We taught a few newbies how to play Canasta, we napped, and we ate an obscene amount of processed foods like chips ahoy and sour gummies. Paul, Jaz, and I have already survived a bout of gastro so the whole group decided not to take any chances today! All the while the announcements continued to blare over the loudspeaker: "Your attention: Fight 731 flight 731 flight 731 flight 731 Pokhara Pokhara Pokhara Pokhara is boarding now. Gate 2 gate 2 gate 2 gate 2." it was very full-on and VERY LOUD.


Only four days have passed and already it feels like we have known each other for years. There is something about a common task and a focused mission that really bring like-minded people together. Plus, everyone has a very personal commitment to Cure Cancer Australia Foundation which is beyond Inspiring. We are all here for more than ourselves.


In this familiarity comes, as all Aussies know, nicknames! This is in part due to Aussie custom and part do to an expansion of Jarrod and the other Kyle's push-up game with all new challenges. So dear readers, I would like to introduce you to Cure Cancer's Inspired Adventures Team Everest:


Wendy - Trotters

Emma - Boo (like in Monster's Inc)

Vlad - KGB (because he is from Serbia and yes, we know that's wrong)

Paul - Chook

Steve - Psycho (he picked it)

Jasmine - Jazzzzzz

Kaine - K-Dax or Kodak

Kyle (Me) - Special K or K-Money

Jarrod - Beavis

The Other Kyle - Butthead (for obvious reasons)

Tashi - T-Pain


Everyone has their own unique punishment for using first names. Jarrod and e other Kyle are on push-ups, Wendy has to "ride the pony," I have to air fist punch while humming the Rocky theme song, and so on. These are the types of shenanigans that emerge after three days of 4am wake-up calls and spending all day in a cold, loud, crowded airport terminal.


Please keep all extremities crossed tomorrow in the hope that we fly on to Lukla. Otherwise who knows what will become of us...




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