06 February 2012

Me Like Boar. Boar Good. Team Everest Does Kathmandu

Our brilliant first sleep in Nepal was follow by our first and only lie-in. It was utterly divine as the brilliant, crisp rays of sunshine came pouring through the window just after 7am. The warm glow of daylight was a welcome greeting after back-back sleepless night in transit.


After a massive breakfast it was straight to the van for our full day of Kathmandu exploration. As our little transit vehicle bumbled and bobbed down the pot-hole laden streets of downtown, we jostled around in the back doing our best to avoid contact with the roof.


We spent the morning and early afternoon exploring four of Kathmandu's most historic and significant sites, from Buddhist stupas to Hindu live cremation sites running alongside the river. While each location brought its own unique collection of wonders (from intensely territorial monkeys to the inescapable aroma of burning incense), no doubt exploring the vast and unexpectedly massive Boudhanath Stupa was the highlight.


Our experience began by taking in lunch at a little rooftop cafe that offered sweeping views of Boudhanath alongside appetizers, mains, and desserts of wild boar. The other Kyle and Jarrod found this particularly amusing, reverting back to Neanderthal times with their grunts, groans, and complex statements like "Boar Good!"


Afterword we walked around the entire stupa two times (always clockwise) walking both on the ground and on the stupa itself. It's sheer size was overwhelming and you could sense its significance and importance. Th whole area just felt incredibly spiritual.


Our evening consisted of shopping until we were literally feeling like dropping to ensure that Jarrod and the other Kyle did not have to make their base camp attempt in AFL shorts and thongs. Paul, Wendy, Cain, and our very own resident shop-a-holic Emma also enjoyed the amazing deals laid out before them.


From here it's onward to Lukla tomorrow morning, where the trek officially begins. Stay tuned!


-Kyle Taylor


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