05 February 2012

Cure Cancer's Team Everest Are On The Ground!

After 36 hours in transit, an overnight in Bangkok, two long-haul flights with no televisions, and an epic immigration line at the Nepalese border, all ten of Cure Cancer's team Everest have arrive safe and sound in Kathmandu! We ping-pronged our way across the South Pacific before converging in Thailand and traveling the final leg as a complete team.  There was Starbucks, there was Dairy Queen, and there was a magnificently tiny Nepalese woman who just didn't understand that she could not sit anywhere she liked on the plane.  In short, it is already an adventure and we only just arrived!


Leaving the doldrums of a by wet city to arrive in a perfect 22 degrees Celsius Himalayan paradise was alright by all involved and we enjoyed what will be our last bit of luxury for several weeks at the Hotel Shanker  here in Kathmandu.


Of course, it wouldn't be an Inspired Adventure unless something incredibly inspiring had already taken place.  Our first stop once in Nepal was at the local barbershop.  Emma got a more mountain-friendly bob cut while Jarrod and Kyle (Brisbane Kyle) shaved their heads in support of his mate Gareth for Jarrod and in memory of his grandmother for Kyle.


The rest of us crowded around outside creating what was certainly a scene.  The two seemingly nice boys from Queensland were officially transformed into what we have so aptly nicknamed "The BrisVegas Mafia," or "BVM" for short.


After a five-course feast, some traditional dancing, and a bindi on all our heads, it's off to bed to rest up.  After our two-hour briefing on just how intense what we have taken on will be, the team need all the sleep we can get!


One step at a time. Doing it for a cure. Here we go!


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Glorious Calling said...

I'm looking forward to reading all about how ur trip unfolds, it certainly does sound like an adventure already....may the 'force' be with you all :)