23 February 2012

Cure Cancer's Team Everest Heads Back To Oz!

After three weeks in Nepal trekking, being cold, and eating yellow food, this team is headed back to Oz! We are looking forward to fresh food, paved roads, and 24-hour hot water. Last night we had a brilliant final dinner at one of Kathmandu's most delicious restaurants. We said our farewells to our brilliant Nepalese guide - Tashi (T-Bone), reflected on the brilliance of our accomplishment, and were given a traditional scarf signifying good luck and good fortune. It was a classy (and delicious) end to the experience of a lifetime.


As we now spend 36 hours getting back to Oz, please enjoy some of the finest landscape shots we captured on our adventure. One final shout out to Cure Cancer Australia Foundation and for the last time this trip, GO TEAM!


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