23 September 2011

A Very San Fraditi Birthday

The entire America experience finished by surprising dear Aditi in San Francisco for her birthday.  This wasn't any old surprise party!  I was supposed to be in China but instead popped out of the kitchen at the last minute.  Sarah was supposed to be in New York but instead appeared at a bar out of the blue.  Mariel was supposed to be in Philadelphia but instead lined up to buy a cookie behind her.  Once again, it was no single-evening affair.  The party spanned four days, five venues, and once again included a convertible mustang (for the wine tasting and scenic coast drive, naturally).  There was also the obligatory "Kyle Taylor/Aditi Fruitwala looking ridiculously happy in the kitchen at a house party" photo taken (see below).

The other brilliant thing about spending a few days in San Fran was that it reinvigorated my belief that there is something left in America for me.  While LA, Utah, NYC, DC, and NM were wonderful, none of them felt like they could ever be home.  SF, however, felt easy, comfortable, and like it could be a potential "fit."  Now that felt nice.  So alas, maybe there is some America in my future!  In the meantime, it's just mustangs and memorable moments.


Kyle Taylor

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