11 September 2011

Team Black Dog Does China: Volume 1

It all started at 12:07am. That is the moment Team Black Dog first appeared from the international arrivals terminal and the moment Vicki earned her nickname: Unfazed Beauty. Why, might you ask? Because even after 16 hours of transcontinental travel with a layover and a time change, she still looked as if she was ready to strut down a runway.

While the rest of of were bleary eyed, she bounced through the terminal in her MBTs like a kid in a candy store. A short bus ride later and everyone crashed directly into bed. Our 7:30am start meant every possible sleeping moment had to be utilized to it's fullest.

Not a single person was late for breakfast - a testament to either excitement or the rock-hard bed. After fueling up on eggs, Amy (Barbie), Nick (Ken), Stef (Doctor Awesome), Julia (Doctor Supermodel). Sam (Captain Cool), Libby (Vodka Queen), Geraldine (Balla), Hayley (The Dealmaker), Tracy (Feathers), Vicky (Unfazed Beauty), myself (In The K.N.O.W), and our fearless guide Michael (MCIM, short for Myo-Cardial Infarction Moment) took to Beijing.

Our first photo was of the uncharacteristically blue sky. Or second photo was of the south gate at the Temple of Heaven. Our third photo was of EVERYTHING IN SITE. This group loves to take pictures! Of monuments, of people, of each other, and of other people taking pictures of other people. It's day two and I think we have collectively captured 2,000 moments. Sorry already to those partners and friends who will be sitting through some very lengthy slideshows upon this group's return.

Beyond the brilliant sites of the Temple of Heaven, Tian'an'men Square, and the Forbidden City (note Ken's hair above), we slurped down hand shaved noodles, flashed our "Black Dog" signs in all the right hoods, endeared (aka harassed) the dozens of adorable Chinese kids, found time to play a round of Chinese hacky sack, and even busted a move alongside the dancing and singing elite of China's parks.

Indeed, the sites and sounds of Beijing on the weekend are something to be admired. The group were definitely taken by the sense of community that permeates every level of Chinese culture.

After a brief afternoon break we shared a communal shot of tequila (for warmth, naturally), scarfed down some delicious Peking duck, and enjoyed a brilliant display of acrobatics before once again crashing in our beds. It's off to the wall now! Stay tuned for the next addition of "Black Dog Does China."


Kyle Taylor

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