21 September 2011

Gunjax Gets Hitched in Santa Fe!

I realize it has taken me forever to actual get on writing about my month in America.  I've decided to sum it up in three blog entries, with this being the first.  It was absolutely a highlight of my time in America - celebrating the brilliant union of Max and Gunjan (or as Gunjan refers to it, "when my parents pass ownership of me on to my husband").  It was a four-day affair that started with a dinner party way out in Taos, New Mexico at Max's uncle's compound, continued with a rehearsal dinner and drinks in town, crescendoed with the big day and outdoor all-night party in the middle of nowhere, and finished with a tasteful all-you-can-eat champagne brunch at a winery outside of town.  Did I mention that all transport took place in a Ford Mustang convertible?  How on earth could it get any better?

Here's a quick link to all the photos from the four-day extravaganza.  Enjoy!


Kyle Taylor

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