25 June 2008

Writer’s Block

Lone Singer
It comes part-time planned, part-time uninvited. Sometimes it leads to an afternoon of no productivity and other times it last for a few days. In that time, the mind is absolutely unable to A) have a coherent thought B) tell the fingers to type on the keyboard if said typing has anything at all to do with whatever it is I am trying to write C) be productive in any other task due to the writing block.

When the words come, they pour! Thoughts, ideas, stories, realizations – it’s witty, funny, clever, revealing, eye-opening, insert another positively conotated descriptive word here. When the words don’t come, it’s like the California drought that lasted nearly a decade – no end in sight, most things appear dull and you often believe the current situation will never pass. Substitute depression for dehydration.

In these moments I attempt to spark the mind with peanut butter m&m’s, watermelon and walking aimlessly about the apartment. This rarely works. Eventually, when the mind is ready, it turns back on, recommits to the keys and produces some magnificent vernacular. This wave of productivity must be ridden to its core, for you never know how long the next block will last. Fortunately, when the block is in session, windows get washed, floors get vacuumed, DVDs get viewed, dishes get scrubbed and cats get attention.

Writing is like no other “job” I’ve ever had. It is impossible to force it and even when it does come, it’s usually so intense that you’re only a few hours in before mental exhaustion floods in. I have a newfound respect for all those creative times who used to drive me up the wall when they said things like “I’m just not feeling inspired at the minute. I can’t make it come. It just comes when it comes, okay?”

Oh, the other thing that gets done when writer’s block is on – blogging. And now you know where I am RIGHT NOW. Please words, come to me!


Kyle Taylor