22 June 2008

Burger Burger Burger Burger

Buffalo Burger
Sometimes, you just need a burger. When that craving comes nothing in Shanghai fills it better than the Bleu Cheese Burger at Blue Frog, the most happening American food haven in Shanghai.

My only question now is, does it actually taste divine or is it just that I’m craving it so darn much that in context, it tastes divine? That first bite is always mouth-watering. Paired with delicious thick-cut French fries and a delectable cocktail, I am in utter bliss and stop caring altogether whether or not I like the burger because it’s actually good or just because I’m craving it.

As the last bite nears and I have a sudden urge to unbutton my pants, I begin to wonder why I missed/craved this burger so much. Now I’m just feeling heavy and uncomfortable, longing for the sense of “satisfied but not stuffed” that always seems to fill me after scarfing on Asian cuisine. Still, I can’t bring myself to leave a scrap of the monster patty. I stuff it down, roll myself home and sit on the couch, waiting for the distention to fade away. “Man, that was totally worth it,” I say out loud. “At least, the first few bites were.”

NOTE: The burger pictured is the Montana BBQ Burger, topped with onion rings and real American BBQ sauce. Look out arteries, here I come!


Kyle Taylot

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