26 June 2008

It’s Like Halloween Every Weekend

Roller Fabulous
When I’m not writing, running, physical therapy-ing or eating, I’m usually dressing up in some outfit for a Shanghai-esque theme party that’s shakin’ and groovin’ its way into the evening. It’s one part Halloween, one part simply Shanghai and two parts a pointless way to fill time and boost the local economy.

New Wave 80s
Theme parties mean theme costumes and theme costumes mean frequenting the coolest markets in town. So far this trip I’ve done roller-fabulous roller disco, New Wave 80’s skinny time trendy awesome and counter-fashion, all with Lianne, of course

Counter Fashion Awesomeness

Counter Fashion Lady
The other perk of going all out? Prizes! Last year Lianne and I won 80’s night. This year she took home top prize for counter fashion. Sadly, “friends couldn’t win,” so they gave it to another guy...whatev.

I can honestly say that theme parties may very well be on my list of top five most amazing things about Shanghai. Only a few days left here…I can’t believe it’s over yet again. SO SAD.

Kyle Taylor

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