12 June 2008

I’m Not So Funny Anymore…

Roller Fabulous
I mean, I’d like to think I’m still a funny person, but everything here in Shanghai is just so seemingly normal and not “shocking” anymore that I’m yearning for some decent material. It just “is” this time and I’m almost too adaptable to anything and everything that I often miss it, or it leaves me overly impressed and wondering why we too don’t do it.

Take carrying stuff on bikes, for example. At first, funny. It’s like, “how do they get so much stuff on such a tiny bike? Now, impressed. It’s like, “wow, I wish I could get all that stuff on a tiny bike and save all that gas carting it around.” Or the whole “is China a rising power of not,” debate. At first, of major interest and mentally exhausting. Now, just sort-of fascinating and intriguing. Or snot rockets. Oh wait. No, that’s still funny and gross. So yes, for the most part, I’m not funny anymore. Things either go totally unnoticed, or I now find them rather fascinating. Looks like I need to get myself back into that there yoga class. That was always ripe with humor.

By the way, that's me dressed up as "Roller Fabulous" doing the thriller dance. Pretty funny, right?


Kyle Taylor

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