30 January 2008

Let The Countdown Begin...11 Days To US Road Trip!

After several months, lots of recovery from illness, 3 months of near unemployment and sleeping on friends couches, it's time to embark on the next leg of the World Tour! This time, we're taking it to the US and Canada, and what better way to "do" North America than by car?!?! The good old American road trip! Of course, I'm not so sure the old-fashioned way would be in a Toyota Scion - driving through South Dakota in late February. Either way, I'm getting SO EXCITED in part because I'm desperately wanting to get back out into "the field," in part because I've always wanted to drive across America and in part because this itme, I don't have to do it alone! YV's very own Malena Buckley-Ess is coming along for the ride, which means no single-man filming, photographing, writing, meeting, talking, traveling, carrying operation - I get to share the duties. Woo! Over the coming days I'll be introducing her, our wheels, our hang-ups (there are several), our partners, our route, etc. Fortunately, you don't have to wait for me entirely. We've got a WHOLE WEBSITE dedicated to this diddy. You'll find it here:


Bookmark it. Memorize it. LOVE it! This site will remain the "official" blog, and will be syndicated on myspace and genv.net, as well as linked from the above homepage. As I mentioned, more details in the days ahead but in the meantime, check out the site above!

Rock on!


-Kyle Taylor

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